Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's a Sick, Sad World

If you didn't automatically recognize the title of this post, it is the name of the fictional TV show feautured in the late 90s hit MTV show Daria.

I have a love-hate relationship with both the TV show and character. This show made its debut just before I made my debut into high school, and pretty soon my friends were calling me "Daria". Looking back, I can't blame them. Sarcasm, brown hair and Doc Martens were essential components of my high school persona. I didn't wear glasses at the time though, even though I needed to, because then everyone in the whole school would have been calling me her name.

Why did this bother me so much? Because I wanted to be like Quinn, Daria's fashionable and popular younger sister. Instead I got a younger sister who was like Quinn. Well, not really, but she had long red hair and was fashionable. At least our parents weren't like their parents.

It took me a long time to realize it was ok, and even cool, to be more like the older Morgendorffer sister. After all, the show was not called "Quinn". Daria was a fantastically original character, and made it cool to be smart and to be your own person.

Did you ever watch Daria? Could you identify with any of the characters?


  1. I never knew that you didn't like being called Daria! I always thought she was the best person on the show, so it was a compliment that I thought of you being like her. You know my mom still remembers both of us being like her - especially our/her sarcastic commentary on high school.

    1. Oh I know you all meant well, I was just an insecure sensitive high schooler hiding behind a wall of steel just like Daria :) I remember your mom being awesome!

  2. I own daria on DVD! I've watched the entire series about 3 times, which I think is the same amount as The OC and both of which are definitely up there in my most valued television show.

    I can't help but think of you when I watch Daria, but it's only because of your sharp wit and sense of humor. I admire the character when I watch the series, and how she provides her own comedic relief in life. Even though I was born with the red hair and I do try my best to be fashionable! (thank you by the way!) I would much rather be like Daria and love how my big has a sharp tongue and wisdom just like her. Also fun fact -- remember Quinn's pseudo-friend Sandy? I can do a mean impression of her -- spot on!

  3. Aww my litte "Quinn" you are actually a wonderful mix of Quinn and Jane. I totally can do a great Sandy impression too!