Monday, October 15, 2012

How to: Never Pay Full Price for Designer Jeans

One of my fashion philosophies is that a person should splurge on something that they will wear alot, and certainly jeans fit into that category for me. 

I cringe though when I see a $200 price tag for the perfect pair, when I used to beg my mom in elementary school to buy me $40 Bongo jeans. So I have found a number of ways to never pay full price for my beloved designer denim:
1. Piperlime frequently offers 20% off apparel, and combined with with my Banana Republic rewards dollars and free shipping, I can get a good pair for around 30% - 40% off retail price
2. Flash Sites like Hautelook frequently carry brands like J Brand and AG for up to 50% off, but before I impulse buy I make sure to try a pair of the same brand in a store to know my size beforehand. Returns are a hassle and shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks.
3. Sometimes I prefer to try on in store, since jeans are one of those items that require a perfect fit. So I make sure to follow when stores have events that feature discounts on denim. For example, Bloomingdale's has "Denim Days" once a twice a year, where you can get up to 25% off a pair of regularly priced jeans.
4. Consignment shops are an obvious suggestion, but I prefer to shop at these kinds of places for things I won't wear very often
I love my J Brand and Paige denim, but do you think designer jeans aren't worth it even with the discounted price tags?


  1. I really don;t check HauteLook enough.. and my friend even works there haha

    xo Jennifer

    1. I used to subscribe to their emails to see what brands they were offering each day without having to actually go to the site..but a daily reminder to shop there can also be dangerous!

  2. I think it's debatable. I spend about 50-60 dollar on jeans. I even have one pair for around 70. All of which are various brands from Urban Outfitters. I don't wear jeans frequently, but each pair I own has lasted me years and is flattering and comfortable. I think as long as you like the fit, quality, and color of the denim you're getting then label is irrelevant!