Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bow down for these pumps

Every working woman should have a vibrant pump in her closet, and these shoes by sole society are exactly what I had been looking for:
The colors are beautiful and on-trend, and the bow adds a little bit of sweetness to a shoe that can still be taken seriously. At around $60 a pop, collect all three!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A top to Drive for

Since I now officially live in Texas, it is time to get my TX Driver's License. The last time I got a license was the first and only time, when I was 16 and in CA, and that happens to be the only time I took a picture for one as well. Back then I prided myself on being a bit of a fashionista, but was still in the mode of taking yearbook pictures so I wore a really conservative button up shirt.
This time I want to look my age (28), but want to wear a top with a fun neckline that won't make me cringe every time I pull out my license. This top from J Crew fits the bill:

When was the last time you took a picture for your license? Do you regret what you wore, or did you wear something timeless and stylish like the top above?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stealth Work Sheaths

For those days when you don't want to put too much thought into what you are going to wear to work, but still want to look fresh and put-together, a sheath dress is a perfect option. Here are two great affordable (under $60!) picks:

Left: This dress by Eliza J. is a bold printed sheath that you can wear with any of your sorely neglected colorful pumps.

Right: This floral sheath by Ellen Tracy is subtle enough for work, but fun enough for weekend brunch!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Iced Coffee with a Twist

San Francisco is a food and drink mecca in the U.S., and even something as banal as an iced coffee can be turned into a delicious work of art there. In particular, Philz Coffee  makes a drink called a "Mint Mojito Iced Coffee", which was perfect for the whole five days it was hot when I lived there.

Unfortunately Texas does not have a Philz, and could stand to have a good iced coffee waaaay more than SF. Thankfully this drink is pretty easy to replicate at home though! Only the following ingredients are required:
  • Coffee
  • Ice
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Mint
I only put a little sugar in, but make it to your taste. Enjoy anyone who is still experiencing 80+ degree weather!

Monday, October 15, 2012

How to: Never Pay Full Price for Designer Jeans

One of my fashion philosophies is that a person should splurge on something that they will wear alot, and certainly jeans fit into that category for me. 

I cringe though when I see a $200 price tag for the perfect pair, when I used to beg my mom in elementary school to buy me $40 Bongo jeans. So I have found a number of ways to never pay full price for my beloved designer denim:
1. Piperlime frequently offers 20% off apparel, and combined with with my Banana Republic rewards dollars and free shipping, I can get a good pair for around 30% - 40% off retail price
2. Flash Sites like Hautelook frequently carry brands like J Brand and AG for up to 50% off, but before I impulse buy I make sure to try a pair of the same brand in a store to know my size beforehand. Returns are a hassle and shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks.
3. Sometimes I prefer to try on in store, since jeans are one of those items that require a perfect fit. So I make sure to follow when stores have events that feature discounts on denim. For example, Bloomingdale's has "Denim Days" once a twice a year, where you can get up to 25% off a pair of regularly priced jeans.
4. Consignment shops are an obvious suggestion, but I prefer to shop at these kinds of places for things I won't wear very often
I love my J Brand and Paige denim, but do you think designer jeans aren't worth it even with the discounted price tags?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beyond the Button Down

Today's post is the start of a series called "Work Wear Wednesday", which every Wednesday is going to feauture affordable business casual options.

While every woman needs a basic white button down shirt in her closet, sometimes wearing one can feel a little prim and starched. So it is a good to have a variety of long sleeved white shirts to throw under blazers or cardigans, and the three below by Forever21 are great options.

Left: This top gives a nod to the color blocking trend, and is available in multiple colors
Middle: I love the scalloped detail on the collar and sleeves! I would wear a black camisole underneath and tuck it all in though
Right: Polka dots and peplum! Still looks professional without looking too much like something Minnie Mouse would wear
Would you wear any of these to work? Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Object of Desire

During one of my summers in college, I had the opportunity to participate in research program at Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts. This was the first time I had ever been to the East Coast, so on the weekends I took advantage of my new location and visted New York City as often as I could. One of the places I couldn't wait to go to was the MoMA, and when I went I had the chance to see this exquisite object, aptly named Object.

Object, Meret Oppenheim

This Surrealist object was inspired by a conversation between Oppenheim and artists Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar at a Paris cafe. Admiring Oppenheim's fur-covered bracelet, Picasso remarked that one could cover anything with fur, to which she replied, "Even this cup and saucer." Soon after, when asked by André Breton, Surrealism's leader, to participate in the first Surrealist exhibition dedicated to objects, Oppenheim bought a teacup, saucer, and spoon at a department store and covered them with the fur of a Chinese gazelle.

In the above MoMA excerpt, it also said that this object is "simualtaneously attractive and disturbing", which is why I think I like it so much.

Do you like Object? Ever been to the MoMA? It is amazing!