Thursday, September 20, 2012

The other side of the door

To follow up from my last post, the shoes on the left were the ones that were more expensive. Specifically, $225 from Ash. The ones on the right are the pair I got from GC shoes.

Moving from San Francisco, CA to New Braunfels, TX (A city 45 miles south of Austin) in the middle of the summer was a big change, especially in terms of the weather. Finally, it started to cool down a bit last week, and started raining for the first time since I got here. After a long day at work, this view was a pleasant surprise I received upon opening the door to leave:

I was so excited to see this perfect, beautiful rainbow that I stayed back to show everyone standing in the hall, including the CEO of my company. Rainbows = raises right?


  1. I liked the shoes on the right better anyways! Nice bright shade of red. You always have fabulous red shoes. Also, rainbows totally = raises.

    1. Thanks! I actually sadly had no red shoes a few months ago, and now only have a few pairs, so I am trying to replenish my low stock :)