Monday, September 24, 2012

Eggcellent Breakfast Sandwich

More often than I'd like to admit, I end up skipping breakfast because I do not have time to make it, and most convenient things are too sweet. I do not have much of a sweet tooth, so I am always looking for a quick, savory breakfast recipe I can make at home. For a while I was eating bagels with lox pretty frequently (which I still do occasionally), but lox can be expensive and a possibly offensive smell if you decide to bring it to the office.

So, being a lifelong fan of McDonald's breakfast, I decided to put my own homemade spin on the egg mcmuffin. Not the most novel idea, but most recipes I found try to exactly re-create it and advise baking the eggs. I definitely do not have time for that in the morning. So here is my recipe, which takes less time than going through the drive-thru:


1 sourdough english muffin
1-2 slices canadian bacon
1 slice cheddar cheese
1 egg over easy
Dash red pepper powder (optional)


1. Heat skillet over medium to medium high heat, depending on how hot your stove gets. Spray with non-stick cooking spray
2. While pan is heating, split sourdough muffin and place slice of cheese on one half. Toast face up in a toaster over until cheese has melted
3. Microwave slices of Canadian bacon until hot and to desired doneness
4. When pan is hot, cook egg over easy.
5. When egg is done, place on one side of toasted english muffin. Sprinkle some red pepper on top if you like spicy food

6. Top with canadian bacon slice(s) and other side of english muffin

The sandwich is especially good if you keep the runny yolk intact while cooking the egg, so you can dip the sandwich in the yolk when it inevitably bursts after the first couple bites.

Other options:

1. Vegetarian: swap canadian bacon for some tomato slices
2. To-go: cook egg over easy, but cook the yolk all the way through


  1. Oh my GOODNESS this looks delicious and now I'm sad that I cannot make one here in Niger, West Africa. I can find eggs...and maybe some bacon...and some Frenchie maybe I'll have to settle for something like that on bread.

    1. The sandwich is DELICIOUS and I had one this morning I am practically addicted! Good luck trying to make your own version. It is about time you start a blog on your African adventures and then you can write about a delicious Nigerian breakfast!

  2. Ohhh THIS makes me instantly so hungry! It looks delicious :)

    1. It is so delicious and easy I had it for breakfast AGAIN this morning. Thanks for checking out my blog Alina!