Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kitty Jail

Anyone who knows me well would know that I am practically obsessed with magazines. I think I currently subscribe to about ten, mostly about fashion or food. My nearly constant influx of them into my apartment requires that I occasionally clean out my magazine rack, and little did I know that my kittens would actually be interested in this process. In particular, Eddie (my male kitten) made a point to immediately claim them as his own as soon as I left the room for a second, which included tearing the edges and biting the corners. I caught him in the act though...

...and he subsequently surrendered and voluntarily entered what I now call KITTY JAIL (my magazine rack)

Bail is currently set at one subscription to Marie Claire magazine


  1. Wonder what the recidivism rate is for kittens? Bet he'll be back in the slammer soon.

    1. Well at least Texas doesn't have the three strikes law like they do in California